Enhanced Services and Excellence

Have you ever heard of our enhanced services plan for athletes?  Ever wondered what it is?  Who it applies to?  It's purpose?  What services these athletes receive?  How to get in on the hard work and fun?

The "Enhanced Services Plan" is funded by the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan.  Our sport gets extra funds to develop select athletes!  It is such an honour to be so supported by our primary sponsors, Sask Sport and SMSCS.  The funding is targeted at developing athletes, identified by coaches.  The services are in the areas of sport medicine, resistance training, mental training, nutrition and testing.

If you want to know more, check out the original document!  Since it is on the cloud, you can follow along as it evolves.  I hope you read it and have questions, ways it can be improved or you may want to get involved and contribute to our quest to produce excellent athletes.

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