Brightwater, Enhanced Services and Parent Sport Medicine sessions (April 29-May 1)

Hi skaters and coaches,
Brightwater, Enhanced Services testing and teaching, concussion and first aid teaching
Brightwater training camp is the way to kick off an active spring and summer to build strength and endurance for the next season!  This is an important camp for parents and athletes to learn about the program for the summer and how to incorporate heart rate monitors into your training.  Parents should attend the session on Sat. at 9 am.  It’s also a lot of fun!!!
Some things to know about it:
Friday, April 29- Sun., May 1
Beaver Creek Salvation Army Camp/Brightwater Science and Environmental Center- 20 minutes south of Saskatoon on Lorne Avenue, just look for signs (avoid shortcuts from the main highway from Regina!)
Coaches and parents to help at Brightwater for the weekend!  Please contact Tim at 1-306-221-2971
Friday, April 29- 7 pm. meet at camp, move in, orientation
Sat., April 30-
7:30 am, morning run
8 am, breakfast
9 am, summer program review, using heart rate monitors for training, parents and athletes
9:30 am, workout, using heart rate monitors, establishing max heart rate and anaerobic threshold heart rates
11 am nutrition session
12 noon, lunch
1 pm, free time
2 pm imitations and games
4 pm, stretching
6 pm, supper
7 pm, games in the lodge, Jeff
9 pm, fire
10 pm, bed
Sun., May 1
7:30 am, morning run
8 am, breakfast
9 am, goal setting and how to get there
10 am, interval training
11:30, clean-up
12 noon, lunch
1 pm, 5th annual adventure race, huge prizes!
3 pm, home time
$50/athlete, register and pay:
2205 Victoria Ave.
Regina, S4P 0S4
What to bring
sleeping bag
workout gear
two pair of shoes
rain gear
comfortable lodge gear
More questions?
call Tim at 1-306-221-2971
Enhanced Services testing will be held at The Going Yard (1902 Alberta Ave.) in Saskatoon April 29 from 3-6.  (the second session of the year is in Regina Aug. 26 at Level 10)  Here is what you need to know:
Enhanced Services is a program funded by the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan which involves extra services in the areas of:
  • nutrition
  • sport medicine
  • T2T and older
  • participating in off ice training aimed at speed skating
  • participating in some form of resistance training
  • travelling out-of-province to compete at least two times a year
This year we are testing up to 20 athletes.  Small group or individual mental training and nutrition sessions are a part of the day as well. If recommended by the provincial or club coach, and you wish to be involved, you will be required to:
The following athletes are already in the program and should attend the session Friday, April 29th from 3-6 in Saskatoon.  Please confirm your attendance to me by e-mail by April 7th. (
  1. Gabrielle Sanson, August survey completed, April 29 attendance confirmed
  2. Hunter Viczko
  3. Jordan Stevenson, August survey completed
  4. Brad Heit
  5. Annika Marshall
  6. Joshua Comfort, August survey completed
  1. Matthew Hyrcuik
  • Meela Riben
  • Jane Morris
  • Brandyn Marche
  • Alex Fish
  • Dylan K.
  • Liam Dallaire
  • Daniel Pauli
  • Jackson Wright
  • Makenna Bloom
  • Katen Kelly
  • Mackenzie Millar
  • Kali Ann Friesen
any other athletes can be considered on coaches recommendation
Initially, enhanced Services funding from the Sport Medicine and Science Council included 15 athletes only.  There may be an extra cost per athlete if numbers are high.  Please keep in mind that being part of this program involves testing and teaching twice a year each year until the Games in 2019 and that you may be removed if you don’t attend the sessions.
Please confirm your attendance prior to April 7th.
Parent sessions associated with Brightwater Camp
In addition to Enhanced Services and Brightwater Camp, two parent sessions are offered at 510 Cynthia Ave. in Saskatoon.  The first is at 3:30 pm, the second at 4:30 pm. 
  1. 4:30 pm- Rhonda Shishkin, concussions
Parents wanting to take advantage of these free sessions should register with Jordan at prior to April 7th.
We may be able to offer the sessions in the Going Yard during the testing and teaching sessions.  If the location changes, we will let you know.
Tim Comfort
Saskatchewan Speed Skating Provincial Coach, Membership and Marketing
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