Provincial and Development Teams for 2016, 2017 season

SASSA is proud to announce the provincial and development teams for the upcoming season!

Development Team Female Short Track- Meela Riben, Annika Marshall, Ceili Bracha and Makenna Bloom.

Development Team Female Long Track- Annika Marshall, Meela Riben, Kali-Ann Friesen, Ceili Bracha.

Development Team Male Short Track- Hunter Viczko, Marc-Andre Doyon, Dade Meinert, Dylan Knihniski and Joshua Comfort.

Development Team Male Long Track- Marc-Andre Doyon, Hunter Viczko, Dylan Knihniski and Dade Meinert.

Provincial Team Female Short Track- Olivia Moyse.

Provincial Team Female Long Track- Gabrielle Sanson, Olivia Moyse, Chanel Bell and Vanessa Coutu.

Provincial Team Male Short Track- Alex Fish.

Provincial Team Male Long Track- Matthew Scutchings, Alex Fish and Brandyn Marche.

Congratulations on your accomplishment.

The SASSA High Performance Committee names the teams based on the HP Bulletin for the year.  We are currently working on the bulletin for the upcoming year as the number and quality of our skaters improves. 

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