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Saskatchewan Speed Skating, Nov., 2016

We are lucky to have a wonderful sport community. Here I sit on Sunday following a wonderful meet in Caronport, making final preparations for a week long camp at the Oval with 29 skaters and many parents to make it happen. (The only way that I have time to write this letter is because Dee Marshall and her crew have handled food preparation for 35+ people for one week, thank you parents!) I am very pleased that we are headed in the right direction. 100 skaters in Caronport, over 100 in Warman, over 200 in Edmonton. Anyone who was in Caronport could sense the excitement and the potential of our sport and our skaters.  Here are some highlights of the year to date from my perspective.

Summer training

Quite a large number of our skaters have been involved in regular summer training since May 2016. Many others were involved in sports such as kayaking, rowing, cycling, volleyball, track and field, rugby and many others. I think we have been successful in showing the way for our older skaters to prepare for a higher level of competition.

Training Program

Many of our skaters are involved for the purpose of recreation and fitness. Many others have higher aspirations. For the skaters with big dreams, coaches need to prepare them with  intention. A training program is essential to develop the capabilities necessary to be a higher level skater.  The annual training plan which I provide is a guide to coaches that they may use and/or modify to fit the needs of their skaters.

Community building and showing the way

A large number of our skaters have participated in essential training camps such as the Golden Triangle, Canmore camp, Brightwater camp, Waskesiu bike trip, Buffalo Pound adventure race, Fast is Fun and the July LT camp. I am proud of the growing interest in these events and believe their popularity will continue to grow.

Oval skaters High performance report

We have skaters on the national team and we have skaters on the national development team in both long and short track. SASSA plays a key role in funding these athletes and they provide inspiration to the rest of us to perform at a high-level. Good luck and train hard to Kali Christ, Will Dutton, Marsha Hudey, Graeme Fish, Marco Schumann, Jesse Slusar, Keegan Christ, and Alex Horst.

Club visits

I am always honoured by clubs inviting me to work with coaches and skaters and to communicate what is going on within our sport.  I look forward to further visits. I think this a  foundation for the development of our sport.

Warman and Moose Jaw meets

Both of our in province short track meets have been resounding successes. We are building a wonderful cooperative community and our meets are a celebration of our success.  Even though these events take a lot of people to run it is usually a few that do the bulk of the work. To meet organizers like Lee Moyse and Geoff Meinert, a huge thank you for your efforts!


To develop skaters at the highest level we need to travel out of province to find the best possible competition. Edmonton was such an opportunity. We sent 23 skaters to that meet and their accomplishments were quite amazing. Our skaters thrive, improve and learn what they need to do to be at a high-level at these meets.


The last short track meet of the season is December 3 in Lloydminster. This is an excellent one day meet to attend. The level of competition is usually high and there are many skaters attending. Please consider attending this meet.

Can Am

We have 28 of our skaters dedicating one week towards developing their talent in long track. Please consider joining us next year.

December oval camp

There is an oval long track camp December 16-19 which is meant for skaters who are aiming towards Canada Cups. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Quebec City

I am proud to be coaching Gabby Sanson, Vanessa Coutu and Mark Andre Doyon at the Canada Cup 1in Ste. Foy in December. Wish the three skaters good luck at the meet and in their preparations!

Long track meets

January will soon be here and we will be on long track ice. Please consider joining the circuit of the available meets. The first meet is in Saskatoon, followed by the Alberta long track in Calgary, followed by the Regina meet. Many skaters will be looking to qualify for the Canadian Age Class Long Track in Edmonton.

Canada Cup 3

As part of Saskatoon's celebration of their 75th anniversary they are hosting the Canada Cup 3 in January. This is a meet where many of our skaters will participate and some will hope to qualify for the junior worlds.  Come to Saskatoon to see the country's best skaters!

As always I am available anytime at 306-221-2971 if you have comments questions or concerns. See you at the track!



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