Can Am 2016, Calgary Olympic Oval

Off we went to the Calgary Olympic Oval, with 30 skaters from Regina, Medicine Hat, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon.  Can Am consists of a camp from Monday to Thursday and then the Can Am meet which had over 200 skaters from all different countries.  This event has been going on for a long time, with skaters like Lucas Makowsky and Catriona LeMay Doan taking part in the past.

A young group with great potential

Saskatchewan has a good base of keen skaters who participate in such events and dream of being fast.  I am proud of the habits, skills, knowledge and experience the skaters are acquiring as they progress towards the Canada Winter Games and beyond.  30 skaters is quite an accomplishment and we look forward to more the next year!

Feeding the masses

Our province is the only team who brings a support crew to feed us many times a day.  We are grateful to Heather Morris, Jon Bracha, John Millar and especially Dee Marshall for providing the nourishment and TLC to make this an awesome experience.  The skaters and coaches didn’t have to worry about a thing as this crew worked all hours on our behalf.

Wonderful coaching

Thank you Verna Kergan and Lee Moyse for exemplary coaching all week long.  Your expertise and friendship is highly valued by us all.

Fun every day all day

Training was fun, racing was fun, trampolining was fun, meals were fun, down time was the best.  Hanging with friends is one of the foundations of our sport (and skipping school!).

Learning from others

Watching faster skaters and talking to great athletes like Graeme Fish and Kali Christ helps ours learn the ropes.  The photo below shows our group cheering Graeme on in his 5000 m race.

Learning from elite coaches

We are thankful for educational sessions from both Arnmo Hoogveld and Todd McClements, both former Olympic coaches at the oval.  We learn a lot every year at these sessions.

The Fish Era

The parents had a special evening which was special for me as the Fish family has attended their last Sask Can Am camp.  This family epitomizes the dedication and passion or our skaters and parents.  On to bigger or different things!

The athletes

Gabby Sanson, Olivia Moyse, Matthew Scutchings, Marc Andre Doyon, Molly Morris, Laura Korthuis, Jane Morris, Annika Marshall, Dade Meinert, Joshua Comfort, Dylan K, Matthew Hyrcuik, Jackson Wright, Vanessa Coutu, Liam Dallaire, Shannon Dallaire, Janaye Stribbell, Ryan G., Brandyn Marche, Kali Ann Friesen, Mackenzie Millar,Alex Fish, Ceili Bracha, Jordan Stevenson, Daniel Pauli, Bon Lowe, Keagan Waddington, Brad Heit, Meela Riben, Kaedan Witkowsky

Join the fun!

We have many of these experiences to build our team and to become excellent skaters.  Join us at the next one!