Mentor coaches for National Meets

On behalf of SASSA, I am pleased to announce the mentor coaches for national level meets for this year.  We consider this an important role for coaches as we work together to make our kids faster.  These positions are open to all coaches from any club.  In addition to supported mentors, there will be a coach manager (level 2) coach named for the CWST and the CACLT. Collaboration and community are foundations of our organization.  Below are the meets and the coaches! Congratulations!

Oval summer camp- Geoff Meinert and Chris Veeman

Canada Cup 2 in Calgary- Shealynn Stevenson

CACLT in Edmonton- Brenda Comfort

CWST in Saskatoon- Brenda Comfort and Chris Veeman

Canada Cup 3 in Saskatoon- Brenda Comfort, Chris Veeman and Shealynn Stevenson





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