Marco Schumann Qualifies for Junior World Short Track in Innsbruck, Austria

Marco Schumann Qualifies for Junior World Short Track

Innsbruck, Austria

Marco Schumann has qualified for the Junior World Short Track Championship in Innsbruck, Austria! Marco has been an incredibly talented and dedicated skater for many years.  A group of Sask skaters and I had the privilege of watching Marco skate at the meet in Calgary.  His attitude, skill and tactics were inspiring.

I would like to congratulate you Marco on this big step towards fulfilling your dreams.  We wish you continued success at Junior World's and beyond.  Train hard.

I would also like to congratulate the Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club for providing Marco with a solid foundation. Maro is a product of hours of effort by hundreds of people.  To mention a few, coaches, meet coordinators, executive members, oval flooders, equipment managers, fund raisers, marketing people, learn to skate teachers, etc.  You all have provided the environment to nurture excellence.

The primary sponsor for Sask Speed Skating is Sask Sport.  Marco and all of our skaters have enjoyed tremendous benefits due to the support of Sask Sport.  Our oval skaters and clubs appreciate your support and work.

Two years ago Marco moved to Calgary to train.  His new skating family is with the oval program.  Among many others, thank you and congratulations to coach Al McIlveen, Yves Hammelin and Eric Bedard.  Your dedication to our young athletes is inspiring.

Fritz and Andrea Schumann have provided everything Marco needs to succeed.  Along the ways, they have contributed an enormous amount to our sport and they continue to do so.  Thank you and congratulations Fritz and Andrea!