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New Club in town! 

It has been a real thrill for me to work with our newest club in Saskatchewan, the North Battleford Speed Skating Club (NBSSC).  We have found a great ally and champion in North Battleford in coach Mandy Lehman.  Among other things, she sits on the Saskatchewan Winter Games Committee, coaches hockey, teaches yoga and, most importantly, is the head coach for the NBSSC!  Her enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of her kids and parents is infectious.  Our skating community has been amazing in offering their help, from Jordan St. Onge helping with their budget and administrative structure to the SLSSC “donating” ~66 mats so that they can discover that FAST IS FUN!  To our community, a huge thank you for your welcoming gestures and attitude!

Their enthusiasm and their questions have made me think a lot about the complexity of starting a club and the amount of information needed for the uninitiated. Their people are undaunted by the challenges: mats, skates, Kevlar, protective glasses, grants, fees, coaches, meets, officials, the list is long.  Working with them has inspired me to write a blog with links to basic information which will be useful to the NBSSC as well as any new skaters or parents in any club.  This is not a complete list of things to know, but I hope it will help.

In no particular order, here goes!  Follow the links for more.

See you soon when I come to your club and the first in-province ST meets in Saskatoon (Oct. 29-30) and MJ (Nov. 4).


SASSA and clubs, Sask Speed Skating facebook


Learn to skate lesson plans

Learn to speed skate lesson plans


CWG, Feb. 15- Mar. 3, 2019, website, tech package ST, tech package LT


Saskatchewan Winter Games, Feb. 18-21, 2017, overview from provincial coach, website, technical package


Equipment Overview (compliments of SLSSC)


Care and Maintenance of skates (compliments of SLSSC)


Purchasing Equipment, Red River Speed, I Love Speed Skating, Oval Shop


Racing suits, there are many suppliers.  There are also many used suits out there.  Apogee is a popular company.  Apogee suits can be bought at the above locations.


Technique Videos


PC attendance at practice, invite me!


Skater goals and evaluation, pin program


Annual training program from provincial coach



Executive Director

Provincial Coach





Moose Jaw

North Battleford


Mats, page 135 on




Competition sign-up sheet (this does not register you in a meet)


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