Can Am camp and competition, 2017

Another Can Am camp has some and gone.  This camp always inspires me.  28 skaters this year. 7 coaches and Dee and Lenita working tirelessly to make sure we are happy and well fed. 


Annika, Ceili, Brianne, Kali Ann, Ryan, Marc Andre, Liv, Joshua, Keagan, Bon, Brad, Dade, Daniel, Liam, Vanessa, Jordan, Dylan, Jackson, Kaedan, Kiera, Luca, Gracie, Ella, Meela, Janaye, Serena, Shannon, Heather


Lee, Verna, Carolyn, Brenda, Chris, Andy, Tim


Lenita, Dee


  • personal bests in almost every race by every skater
  • building a team, supporting one another in our victories and our failures
  • having fun away from the ice and on it
  • great coaching by all coaches to all skaters
  • Lenita and Dee working tirelessly on our behalf
  • lots of parents watching the races
  • officials and parents from other provinces noticing the great work ethic, fun and kindness of our team
  • significant barriers broken by our skaters, sub 40, sub 1:20, sub 2:10, sub 5:00
  • Liv winning the mass start
  • SASSA contributing a significant amount to make the camp affordable
  • so many more


On behalf of the coaches, I would like to congratulate the skater on a great celebration of all of your hard work so far this season (and over the years).  Looking forward to much more!


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