Canada West Short Track 2018, Abbotsford, BC

Canada West Short Track 20118

Abbotsford, BC

What a great bunch of kids and parents.  They have worked hard all year, for years.

We are a team.  We support one another.

We believe hard work leads to excellence.


Individual champions Brad Heit and Bon Lowe (two years in a row).












Medal winners! (25 total!)

Serena Dallaire, silver 1500, silver 200, gold relay, third overall

Ella Cloutier, silver 2000, gold relay, fourth overall

Gracie Reynoldson, silver 400, silver 200, bronze 2000, gold relay, second overall

Kiera Bracha, gold relay

Cara Harms, bronze relay

Janaye Stribbell, bronze relay

Heather Harrison, bronze relay

Ceili Bracha, bronze 3000, bronze relay, fifth overall

Luca Veeman, bronze 1500, silver 400, bronze 2000, gold relay, third overall

Fergus English, gold relay

Bon Lowe, gold 1500, gold 400, bronze 200, gold 2000, first overall

Keagan Waddington, silver 1500, bronze 400, gold relay, forth overall

Daniel Pauli, silver 400, silver 3000, silver relay, fifth overall

Joshua Comfort, silver relay, seventh overall

Brad Heit, bronze 1500, gold 400, gold 200, silver 3000, silver relay, first overall

Dade Meinert, silver relay, fifth overall

Thank you to all club coaches who do such a great job preparing our athletes.  Thank you especially to Chris Veeman, co-coach for this event.

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